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Aaron's new Home
Aaron's new Home
Mrs Aaron Jeffery
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Aaron's new home
Aaron's search for a home was swift, he only inspected the one property - and brought it.  Aaron is very proud of having a 130 year-old limestone heritage cottage with such an interesting past.
"When I first set eyes on it I fell in love with it.  The high ceilings, verandahs, big yard... so much appealed to me" says Aaron.  He brought the cottage with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. 
During his days off, Aaron is either painting the new fence he built, planting a sledgehammer into no-longer-wanted concrete paving, digging out an ancient tree root system, or pulling down interior walls.

Aaron painting his new fence
"Because acting is so cerebral, it's really important for me to have something physical to do," Aaron explains.
"When I took my break from acting and was working as a farmhand in Culcairn, NSW, the guys I worked with used to call me the human tractor.  I love a physical challenge. "Life is about balance and I'd probably go crazy if I were acting and doing nothing else."

I know being an actor can have its challenges when you've got a wife or family and have to travel to work, but I'm sure that everything will work out just fine. 

Getting married is something that I havn't rushed into.  It had been talked about for quite a while.  I had always dreamed of getting married but wondered whether I was ever going to find the right person.  I feel incredibly lucky."

Aaron's Lounge Room