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Meet Jodi
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Meet Jodi


Jodi is an exuberant 18 year old who has ambitions to be rich and famous.  She was born at Drover's Run, the daughter of Meg the housekeeper who moved to the property with her huband, a stock hand, before he left her.

Jodi and her mum are very close, sharing a love of the land and the Sunday night TV.  When she became a teenager, Jack McLeod paid for Jodi to attend a girls' boarding school in the city  and her social life took off - much to her delight.

Jodi can hold a tune, is not afraid to perform and has a pretty face.  Well meaning people told Meg that Jodi should take music and drama lessons at school and unwitttingly fuelled her dreams of being famous.

Having just completed her year 12 exams and drastically failed,  Jodi is trying to decide what her life is meant to be.  Her secret ambition is to be a personal stylist which she sees it as the first step to Hollywood and fame.

Jodi thinks working on Drover's Run will be a real drag but what she will learn is love, loyalty and alot about who she really is... even if she doesn't become famous for a week or two.