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Alex Ryan
Alex is the eldest son of Liz and Harry living on the property Killarney.  He works there, flying the company helicopter during mustering, after being expelled from two of the best boarding schools money could buy.
Alex has inherited the larrakin side of his father and knows he'll inherit Killarney.  There's a wild mischievous streak in him and he can never resist stirring the pot and sincerely believes he's as tough as his father and stronger than his brother.
Alex is a natural horseman who is obsessed with the gladiator-style competition of rodeo riding.  He dreams of fame and fortune and is well known around the rodeo circuit.
Despite being a larrakin, or perhaps because of it, Alex fits in well with men of all walks of life and his natural affinity with the land earns him the respect of those who work under him at Killarney.