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Aaron can often be found sparing with good friend Myles Pollard in the Barossa Boxing Club in Gawler.
Myles & Aaron
Usually the boys do a cardio circuit, involving sit-ups, press-ups, skipping, punching and a 5km run.  But the boys admit they devote more time to knocking the wind out of a punching bag than each other!

Go guys!
"Boxing is a real art form.  There are techniques for every move you make in the ring.  The idea is not just to slug it out in the ring with somebody, but to use the techniques that your learn, like ducking and weaving and using the right combintation of punches.  It's an art"  Says Aaron.

The boys perfect their abs with some intense sit-ups under the watchful eye of Aaron Smith.

"The ball is a real killer!" says Myles.

Looks like hard work!
Look out Myles!
Aaron recalls one particular spar with a smile. 
"I broke Myles' nose!" he laughs.  "Luckily, it didn't make too much of a dent, so it didn't interrupt our filming schedule."

It was Aaron's job that first led him into the boxing ring. "I was a doorman for about six years, so I trained in boxing for awhile.  It's a great way to keep fit and build up your agility."
Nowadays, Aaron enjoys spending time working out with the local kids.  He encourages the kids to come to the gym to keep them occupied.  "I try to come to the gym a couple of time a week, when filming schedules allow, and just hang out with the kids."
Attracting the local kids has produced a few South Australian state champions.  The club has also recently been named Country Gym of the Year and produced a boxer of the year in 2001 and even channelled some contenders into the Australian Women's Boxing team.