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with Tanya Simpson
TV Week:  Did you sleep well last night?
Aaron:  Yes, I did - I slept beautifully.  I had the day off yesterday, I did a couple of workouts, watched a great documentary on SBS and went to bed early.  I live on a quiet street so I always get a good night's sleep.
TV Week: Who were you with at midnight?
Aaron:  My cat.  Her name is Kitty Kat. I found her in a barn when she was two weeks old,  She's about six months old now and she still sleeps in my bed.
TV Week: Who was the first person who spoke to when you woke up this morning?
Aaron: John Jarratt, who plays Terry.  He picked me up at 6:15am to come to todays filming out here in the middle of the paddock.
TV Week: What was the best meal you've had today?
Aaron: Breakfast.  I always have a healthy breakfast with rhubarb, peaches, fruit salad and some muesli.
TV Week: What's the most expensive thing you've brought lately?
Aaron: The other day I brought an old Carlsberg beer crate for $28 from an antique shop up at Tanunda, in South Australia,
TV Week:  What's annoyed you most today?
Aaron: Nothing yet!  I love being outside so I'm really enjoying today.
TV Week: What's made you laugh today?
Aaron: Myles Pollard, who plays my brother Nick Ryan, always makes me laugh on a daily basis.  Just when he turns up.  We've got that jokey, brotherly thing going on.  He's staying with me at the moment, so we have a few laughs.
TV Week:  What are you most proud of today?
Aaron: I'm most proud of my horse riding in today's scenes. I think I did OK.  We had to play polo, and we havn't had many polo lessons but I tried to make it as realistic as I could trotting around.  I was happy with how it turned out.
TV Week: What song can't you get out of your head?
Aaron:  The jingle from that car ad those goes "Zoom, zoom, zoom".  You know the one!
TV Week: What does an ideal weekend hold for you?
Aaron:  I had a really good weekend last weekend.  Me and Myles went out to a local rodeo ring, which is a lot of fun but also helps us learn about roping and tying calves.  We had a go at steer wrestling, which was very funny.  Myles could do it - he got about three steers down and we had to drag him off the steer.  But I was just hanging on - I could get then down but then I'd get dragged halfway around the arena.  It was alot of fun.  We'd laugh our heads off.  Rodger Corsor turned up Saturday night and we sat and jammed with a bass guitar and a piano.  I play the bass in our trio.  The other two are good musicians.  Myles is very talented and Rodger, who was in the musical RENT, he's great.
TV Week:  Are you an avid emailer or do you keep in touch with friends in other ways?
Aaron: I've got a phone card at the moment which I'm flogging to death. I'm not into computers - I'm really old-fashioned like that.  All my friends who do email are complaining!
TV Week:  What are you reading at the moment?
Aaron: I'm reading a book on prayer and on the Shroud of Turin, one of the most-studied artifacts in history.  It's fascinating.
TV Week: What are you listening to?
Aaron: I'm into Noiseworks and Coldplay at the moment.
TV Week: If you were invited our for dinner, what type of food would you have?
Aaron: I really love fish - a good ocean trout or something like that.
TV Week:  Do you have any phobias?
Aaron: My only fear at the moment is getting back in the ring with Myles!