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by Rosa Frassoni
Showdowns between Nick Ryan and his brother Alex have kept fans of McLeod's Daughters entertained since the rural drama debuted on TV last year.
Off-screen, their portrayers Myles Pollard and Aaron Jeffery are more like brothers than their alter egos could ever be!
The guys have only known eachother since McLeod's Daughters began, but their friendship has become has important part of their lives.
Myels left a close-knit family in Perth to move to SA, so Aaron and his wife Melinda have become more than friends - they're family.  Myles even lived with them for four months before Aaron convinced him to buy a house of his own - right across the road!.
"They have been great", Myles said.  "They're always there to lend their support, so how could I pass up the chance to become their neighbour?"
Now living the cosy life in Gawler, the two often train at the local gym, share a meal or load up truck loads of firewood and take it home.
Myles enjoys the single life, but Aaron has left that behind him.  After years of following a transient lifestyle, he has found himself a home and a true family with Melinda... and Myles!